Thank You America and Your Soldiers

Strengthen the Japan-U.S. Alliance to Defend Freedom and Prosperity


There is a heated debate surrounding the relocation of the U.S. airbase in Okinawa. Some leftists are frantically attempting to expel the U.S. military from Japan. The Japanese media have been actively reporting on this campaign against the bases. This gives the impression that the majority of Japanese are opposed to these bases. This is not true.

On May 11th, more than 3000 members and supporters of the Association for the Protection of Okinawa’s Freedom and the Happiness Realization Party participated in a demonstration in Tokyo. They expressed gratitude to the U.S. soldiers and demanded an even stronger Japan-U.S. alliance.

Thanks to the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, the presence of U.S. troops in Japan since World War II has stabilized the situation in Eastern Asia and deterred potential threats from China and North Korea, bringing peace to the region.

Many Japanese are grateful to the U.S. troops and do not wish them to leave. We strongly believe that the alliance between Japan and the United States should only be further strengthened for defending freedom and prosperity around the world.

Thank you from our hearts


Association for the Protection

of Okinawa’s Freedom


Partner Organizations:

Happiness Realization Party

Society for Okinawa’s Restoration

Women’s Association for Okinawa’s Peace

Association for the Protection of Japan’s Freedom and Prosperity

Association for Protecting Our Children’s Future

Network for Reviving Japan

The Tokyo University Alumni Organization for Realizing an Ideal Japan

“Act to Protect Japan!” Committee

MISUMARU, the NPO for Encouraging Youth Involvement in Politics

Protect Japan from One-sided News Coverage Network

Association for the Protection of Okinawa's Freedom Ad
Association for the Protection of Okinawa's Freedom Ad